"Rebuilding the Puzzle"

5th Puerto Rico Adoption Congress

November 21st, 2022

5th Puerto Rico Adoption Congress: “Reconstructing the Puzzle”.

On November 21, the 5th Puerto Rico Adoption Congress was held under the title “Reconstructing the Puzzle”. One of the most significant interventions was that of Florencia Lalor, who focused on the delicate and crucial topic of Trauma in Adoption.

Participation in this type of event represents an invaluable opportunity for the expansion of knowledge and networking in the professional field. Some highlights of the congress were:

  • The opportunity to meet outstanding professionals in the field of adoption. Each presentation and talk provided unique perspectives and valuable lessons learned.
  • The interaction and exchange of experiences among the attendees enriched the overall understanding of adoption issues.
  • The effort and dedication of the Family Department of the Government of San Juan should be highlighted. Thanks to them, the congress was well organized and profitable for all participants.
  • And finally, a recognition to Puerto Rico not only as host of this event, but also for its hospitality and warmth.

In conclusion, the congress proved to be an enriching experience that underscores the importance of collaborating and learning together for the well-being of the children and families involved in the adoption process. The next edition is eagerly awaited.

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