A journey through the history of adoption

Interview with Florencia Lalor

Episode of Spence-Chapin conversation with Jessica Luciere.

Listen it as a Podcast on Spotify or watch it on YouTube.

Conversation with Florencia Lalor and Jessica Luciere

In the realm of adoption, personal stories offer unique and invaluable insights. In the latest episode from Spence-Chapin, community programming manager, transracial adoptee, and advocate for adoptees, Jessica Luciere, sits down with Florencia Lalor for a heartfelt discussion. Florencia, a psychologist and an adoptee herself, is the founder of Level Steli room, an online space initially crafted for adoptees from Argentina but has since welcomed individuals from all around the globe.

Highlighting her journey, Florencia was one of the pioneering mentors of the Spence-Chapin Mentor Program, which started in 2005. The conversation between Jessica and Florencia delves into their adoption stories, reunions with their birth families, and the positive impact the mentor program has had on their lives.

We invite you to watch the full interview on YouTube or you can also listen it on Spotify.

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