La adopción y la genealogía del abandono

by Iván Gastañaga

Embark on the poignant odyssey of Iván Gastañaga, as he shares his compelling two-decade quest to uncover his roots in post-Soviet Russia. In a world devoid of social media and accessible DNA testing, he delved into archives, Russian alphabets, and encyclopedias, weaving a narrative where identity intersects with the ravages of Soviet abandonment.

From the Soviet era to the disintegration of the communist bloc, unravel the threads connecting orphanages, exposing how poverty and lack of social services shaped a genealogy of abandonment. With a focus on seeking truth, this account explores the pain of uprooting and the need to rebuild family ties.

Demystifying adoption, it underscores the importance of willingness in reconnection and questions the taboo still surrounding this experience. From the genealogy of abandonment to reconstructing family trees, this journey invites exploration not only of an individual’s history but also the cultural richness, struggles, and intertwined hope in the quest for origins.

Ilustración: Pablo Amargo.

Illustration by Pablo Amargo.

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