Becoming or finding an adoption competent therapist Training

New York University - Silver School of Social Work

June 10th 2019

Presenter and main speaker: Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao

In the world of adoption, every story is powerful and unique. Florencia Lalor, a distinguished professional in this field, will present at the New York University’s Silver School of Social Work during the esteemed ‘Adoption Therapists Seminar’.

Behind this significant event stands Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, an eminent figure in adoption. An adoptee herself, a psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School, the founder and CEO of the Center for Family Connections and the author of The Family of adoption, her dedication and passion have made her a renowned international consultant in adoption.

The seminar will delve deep into the essential skills needed to specialize as an adoption therapist. It will cover various approaches vital during and after the adoption process. Moreover, it aims to shed light on continually supporting both biological and adoptive parents and children throughout their lives.

Florencia Lalor, chosen not just for her personal adoption story but also as one of the most trained therapists in her country, stated, “Adoption is a journey traveled throughout our lives”. Through her project, La Voz del Hijo, she encourages sharing experiences peer-to-peer.

Her dedication doesn’t end there. She is also the author of Hazel Eyes book.

Flyer no oficial con información del encuentro internacional virtual de adopción

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