Catalina P. - 2nd Part

Catalina managed to change her way of feeling, thinking and living,

here is the second part of her story.

I started to look for help through German and Swiss television. But they could not help me because of the lack of data and photos. Interestingly, two years later, in 2015, I won two plane tickets to fly to the country of my choice and so I went with my husband to Colombia.

I returned to my homeland, after being absent for 36 years, and as soon as the plane landed, I felt an explosion inside my heart; I had never felt that sensation before and I will never feel it again. It was the certainty of being in MY COUNTRY and for me it was very clear: I was home.

I was reunited with my childhood friend – Angela – and it was as if we had never been separated. To this day we are very close and very much alike, that is another great jewel I gained when I returned to my home country. I discovered, to my amazement, that Colombians are very loving people, and I understood why I am the way I am. What a beautiful revelation I had.

In 2018, at 48 years old, and before traveling back to Colombia on vacation for the third time, I decided to take the reins in my hands and I contacted the colombian television and radio, to do an interview that could help me find my family. And so my cousin Nidia found me. She saw me on TV and immediately contacted me. That same day we met and felt that we were family. The little information I had and knew about my mother, coincided with the one of her aunt Arcelia. The only thing she didn’t know was that I existed. Nidia told me that her aunt, Rosa Arcelia, had died in 1980, and that tore my heart.

At that moment the world came crashing down on me. I was demoralized when I realized that no one knew of my existence. I had believed – all my life – that my sisters and relatives did. The next day I met with her entire family, my eight cousins and my Aunt Rosita. But none of them knew anything about my sisters either, because they had gone to live elsewhere some 30 years ago, and lost contact.

I returned to Switzerland, very shocked by these revelations and encounters, and immediately felt that I was no longer the same person who three weeks earlier had boarded the plane to go to Colombia. I began to feel that I was living a big lie. I began to observe and take into account, with all my senses, my surroundings, my life and my way of being, and I felt deep inside me, that this person was not me.

I felt a deep need to change my life. I had no idea what it was or how I needed to change, but when I made this decision, the universe opened its arms to me and I found my first Coach. I ventured to work with her for a year and slowly began to unburden myself of all the feelings of victimhood and suffering that I carried inside me. After nine months I stopped crying, and at that moment I realized that something was finally happening inside me: I was healing.

My Coach encouraged me to seek out groups of adoptees. I slowly reached out to other adoptees and realized that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t fit in, but that we were ALL adoptees who didn’t fit in. This great revelation led me to understand about the trauma of abandonment (or the wound of abandonment). A big ‘WOW’ opened up inside my heart and I began to see and understand. I learned to be much more loving to myself. I understood that it was not my exterior that had to change, but MY WAY OF THINKING AND FEELING, which attracted all the misfortunes.

I read a lot of support and personal growth books. I began to discover new therapies of all kinds, while I continued to heal and let go of all the hate and pain I felt.

Thanks to my perseverance I started to change a lot. And by universal law, my environment, my surroundings and my friends also changed. Intensively I was leaving behind patterns and above all beliefs that were not even mine, and that did not serve me, that rather held me back from living free and in peace.

At the end of that year, 2019, my lawyer in Colombia told me that my papers were ready, I could go and get my passport and Colombian ID card.

In January 2020, my husband and I decided to travel again to Colombia for 10 days. I took advantage of the trip to participate in my first live course with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Bogota, and we made appointments to do the paperwork.

The day after our arrival in Bogota I met my two sisters, by chance, in a matter of three hours and without doing much on my part. This was, once again, thanks to the perseverance of Nidia and me, and thanks to the universe that decided to reward me for my inner work. This event cannot be explained in any other way, because so many coincidences together cannot happen just like that.

A week later I physically met two biological sisters. The three of us hugged and I felt a deep peace inside me (more details can be found soon in my biography).

In that instant I stopped being the secret once and for all. And this has been my most symbolic contribution to the healing of the Medina Lopez family, and also of the Pfranger family, because ironically my two families, especially my (adoptive) dad’s family, were identical to the Medina family.

I have reconciled with myself and with my parents. Today, I understand that they all did what they thought was best for me. Today I understand that if I don’t heal myself, this trauma will continue to live in my family, it will be passed on to my children and so on. It was not easy at all, as all people in transformation mention. Many times I fell again, and I wanted to send everyone ‘to plant potatoes’. But I endured, I reflected and above all: I accepted help from others.

I also learned that if you give a baby the same name as the mother or father (or a relative), you are automatically passing on the traumas of that person (Epigenetics and Family Constellations).

I made the decision to live in gratitude and peace, rather than in hate and anger. I made the decision to no longer live in victimhood, because it does me no good, and it simply makes me sick.

Today I am a Personal Reconciliation Mentor, because I experienced firsthand the profound importance of reconnecting with my self-love and reconciling, first with myself, and then with my families. Resentment and blaming others for my misfortunes, led me to nothing, only to be unpleasant and to attract negative circumstances and people into my life.

Foto de Catalina Pfranger de adulta

In my biography, my story will also be written from a different perspective, as I have explored spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and epigenetics, Bert Hellinger’s “Family Constellations”, John Bowlby’s “Attachment Theory”, Evan Imber-Black’s “The Secret Life of Family”, Montse Lapastora’s “Psychology of the Adopted Baby”. Also the scientific work of Dr. Jose Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Greg Bradon and many other extraordinary experts.

I thank the four people involved in my life story, because without them, I would not be the person I am today. And I thank myself for having persisted and for now feeling this deep peace within me.

And if I made it, you can too.

I start with me, I embrace you,


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