International virtual talk on adoption: Trauma in adoption

Organized by: Dulce Espera - Adopción Mendoza

Broadcasted by the Association of Adoptive Families of the Canary Islands (AFAIC).

Internactonal talk – The trauma on adoption

In the digital age, we are afforded unparalleled opportunities to connect and share knowledge beyond geographical boundaries. A prime example of this global exchange is the recent talk featuring Florencia Lalor, a renowned specialist in adoption topics. Organized by Dulce Espera, a dedicated entity from Mendoza, Argentina, advocating for adoption and child welfare, the event is available for viewing here.

It’s important to highlight that the discussion was also broadcasted by the Association of Adoptive Families of the Canary Islands (AFAIC), extending the reach and amplifying the spread of this invaluable exchange of experiences and knowledge.

The online platform not only addressed key topics associated with adoption but also wove connections between organizations and specialists from different regions. This reinforces the importance of collaboration and collective learning in the realm of adoption. Readers are encouraged to visit the link and delve into the insights and contributions from this significant talk.

Note: While the discussion offers a wealth of knowledge, please be aware that the talk is conducted solely in Spanish.

Watch the complete talk

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