From Buenos Aires to New York: Florencia Lalor's journey in the world of adoption

Argentine Psychologist to Speak at New York Adoption Seminar

Florencia Lalor, a prominent Argentine psychologist, is set to present at the New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, specifically within the Therapist Training Seminar specialized in adoption.

The driving force behind this event is Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao. As an adoptive daughter herself, Dr. Pavao is not only a psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School but also the founder and CEO of the Center for Family Connections. Her international acclaim as a consultant on adoption topics adds to her prestige. The seminar’s curriculum is geared towards equipping therapists with the comprehensive skill set necessary for specialized adoption therapy. This includes various strategies for both pre-adoption and post-adoption phases and guidance on providing continued support to biological and adoptive parents, as well as to the child throughout their life.

Lalor’s invitation isn’t solely based on her adoptive background but also her extensive training in this therapeutic area in Argentina. “My family always approached my adoption positively and supported me in my journey to discover my roots. However, I’ve always yearned for the understanding and camaraderie of fellow adoptees. Adoption isn’t a fleeting event; it’s a lifelong journey. And I’d love to traverse it alongside those who share this reality,” she reflects. This sentiment echoes through her initiative, “LA VOZ DEL HIJO” (The Voice of the Child) found at, where she invites shared narratives from a peer perspective.

Currently, Lalor is advancing her studies in Integrative Psychotherapy with a Cognitive Orientation at Fundación Aiglé. She has also recently enrolled in the Systemic Therapy Course at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York.

Read original article in Spanish here.

Photo of Florencia Lalor, founder of La voz del hijo for bio page

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