"I am adopted":

Fear and acceptance, the challenges children must overcome.

By Eugenia Tavano for Diario La Nación.

Humans have always been fascinated by identity and a sense of belonging. In a powerful piece published by the renowned newspaper, La Nación, the complex and emotional topic of adoption is explored under the title “I am adopted”: Fear and acceptance, challenges children must overcome.

Florencia Lalor, born in 1980 and adopted shortly after, shares her experience and insights on adoption. She stresses that, while it was once believed that keeping adoption a secret was protective for children, reality shows that such secrecy can be more harmful.

Every adoption story is unique. However, there are universal themes many adoptees grapple with, such as fears of abandonment, the quest for biological parents, and the challenges of becoming parents themselves. Society has also forged stereotypes and biases towards adoption, influencing how adoptees perceive their own narratives.

With the amendment of the Civil and Commercial Code in 2015, Argentina has made significant strides in its views on adoption. It’s recognized more than ever that adoption isn’t just a legal act but an act of love and commitment.

This article, rich in perspectives and testimonies, is a must-read for anyone keen on gaining a deeper understanding of adoption and its nuances. Be sure to read the full piece in La Nación newspaper.

Foto de Florencia Lalor

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