The quest for identity:

Reflections on adoption and family ties

I was adopted: today I am surprised to be similar to my children

Identity and familial bonds are two pillars that define the essence of humanity. A touching piece in Clarín sheds light on the intricate and emotional journey of a man adopted in 1971. The tale, profound and evocative, unfolds as a contemporary chronicle about belonging and the curious phenomenon of having a “family resemblance”.

This individual, whose life was woven in the heart of prosperous middle-class Buenos Aires, grew up knowing he was adopted. Raised in the belief that adoption is a blessed act, a fortuitous grace. Yet, beneath all the love and understanding, there was an underlying feeling of being a foreigner in his own family, a sense of not wholly belonging.

What’s captivating is that, despite lacking familial traits to identify with during his youth, life offered a surprise. Upon becoming a father, he found reflected in his son family features he never knew he had. It’s a reminder of how love and connection can transcend genetics, of how families are crafted not just through blood but through bonds and shared experiences.

We invite you to dive into this heartfelt tale, available on Clarín, and explore the complexities and beauties of identity and family.



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