A heartfelt conversation on adoption:

Interview with Florencia Lalor

May 23rd, 2020

Interview with Florencia Lalor from Ambassadors for Adoption in Mexico

From Argentine grounds, the “Embajadores Adopción en México” conducted an enlightening interview with Florencia Lalor, the driving force behind “La Voz del Hijo”. In the dialogue, Lalor imparted crucial insights on the respect owed to adoptive children’s stories and how to validate their feelings during their journey to discover their origins.

Ismael Piedra, an ambassador from Padres Adoptantes en México, led the interview, offering a platform to address the emotional intricacies surrounding adoption. Viewer comments reflected an emotive and supportive response. Jessie, an adoptive daughter, shared her personal struggles, highlighting a phrase she often hears: “You should be grateful!”. To this, Lalor responded emphatically, pointing out that adoptive children don’t owe “extra gratitude” to anyone. Indeed, Florencia stresses the significance of sincere dialogue between adoptive parents and children.

Such conversations are vital, shedding light on the emotions and challenges faced by adoptees. As one viewer notes, finding a sense of belonging and acceptance is paramount. Platforms like this serve as a haven for those seeking to understand and be understood in their adoption journey.

Watch the full interview through their Facebook page.

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