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My name is Florencia Lalor. I’m an adoptee. My family always spoke to me about my adoption in a positive way and, also supported me 100% when I decided to search for my birth parents. But I would have liked to have the support of other adoptees who went through the same experience, too. Adoption is not a one-off event that happens and ends at a certain point in time. Adoption is a journey that lasts all our lives and, I would like to make this journey with the company of other people who also experience the same reality than me.

¿What is La Voz del Hijo?

La Voz del Hijo is a space created so that all adoptees can speak and express themselves. It is a space where adoptees can feel understood and accompanied, without being judged, in this sinuous journey that adoption is most of the times.

La Voz del Hijo offers life testimonies of adoptees, who share how they’ve experienced their adoption throughout their lives. For example, at what moment and how they found out that they are adoptees; if they’ve searched for their biological parents, how were these searches and reunions; or maybe if they never wanted to search, how do they feel about it; etc.

In addition, there is a tab called ‘Miscellaneous’ in which you can find all kinds of writings (poetry, art, maybe just personal thoughts, etc.) that adoptees want to share. I also offer my professional contribution with articles and texts, which can be found in the ‘My Voice’ tab.

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Is La Voz del Hijo just a website for the dissemination of life testimonies?

My goal is not the mere dissemination of adoptees’ lives experiences, but the interaction among adoptees arising from the web platform itself. This should serve as a tool to help those who have doubts, fears and little information about adoption.

Who can share their life testimony in La Voz del Hijo?

Anyone who is an adoptee can contact me and tell their life experience, and/or share any text or message. All you have to do is write to me at, which I check on a permanent basis. It is not necessary to reveal the identity of adoptees, their adoptive parents or biological parents or any other when telling their life story, their feelings, fears, satisfactions, and/or joys. Interviews can be published as text.

Is La Voz del Hijo a commercial organization?

It is a non-profit web platform, which aims to become a powerful tool for bringing adoptees closer together. La Voz del Hijo is a space full of content about the world of adoption in Argentina, although testimonies of adoptees from other countries will also be published.

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