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Let’s talk about adoption

Adoption is a lifelong journey, brimming with emotions, challenges, and lessons. For those engulfed in this process, whether as children, parents, or professionals, the need for understanding, sharing, and seeking support is paramount. This is precisely what the workshop “Let’s talk about adoption” offers.

The second installment of this workshop series will feature the invaluable presence and expertise of Florencia Lalor, an adopted child turned psychologist specializing in adoption. Florencia has made her mark in Clinical Psychology, offering valuable insights from both a personal and professional standpoint.

She won’t be taking on this task alone. Joining her will be Victoria Villa Larroudet, an adoptive mother, sharing her preparation and experience in adopting her two children, giving a firsthand perspective of a mother’s adoption journey.

From Spain, via a Skype connection, we’ll have the participation of Iratxe Serrano, the Director-General of Child and Family Protection of the Canary Islands Government. With her degree in Social Education from the University of Lila and a Master’s in Neurolinguistic Programming and Teacher Training from the University of Barcelona, Iratxe will bring an international and specialized focus to the discussion.

The firsthand testimonies and experiences these experts will share tackle pivotal topics in adoption: attachment, trauma, identity, fear of abandonment, the search for origins, and other adoption-related concerns.

Those interested in “Let’s talk about adoption” can either participate in person or online, thanks to a virtual classroom provided by Fundación Aiglé. This ensures that even those not residing in Buenos Aires can benefit from the workshop.

Aimed at adopted children, parents, families in the adoption process, professionals, and the general public, the workshop aims to offer tools, support, and containment – vital for navigating the path of adoption with empathy and understanding.

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