Adoptee Reconstruction

by Virginia Jordà.

Meet Virginia Jordá, a multidisciplinary artist focused on identity and adoption.

With a Fine Arts degree, she employs ceramics and fragile materials to mirror her inner self.

Virginia Jordà

Virginia Jordá is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts.

Her creative universe revolves around themes such as identity, adoption and emotional ties.

Formally, the artist uses materials whose characteristics are related to fragility. Throughout her career she has specialized in artistic ceramics, a material through which she presents her own interior.

Foto para portada exposición obra Serie Re-construcción adoptada de Virginia Jordà

Re – Adopted construction


The Re-adopted construction project is born from a personal interest as an adopted person, in which an interpretation is made from an artistic perspective about the search for identity and it’s consolidation in individuals who have undergone adoption processes. It culminates in the creation of three ceramic sculptural pieces that present three vital stages; childhood, adolescence and adulthood. A project that seeks to facilitate self-exploration and give visibility to the processes linked to adoption.

Foto exposición obra Serie Re-construcción adoptada de Virginia Jordà
Foto exposición obra Serie Re-construcción adoptada de Virginia Jordà


Ceramic, 60 x 37 cm


Adoptee Reconstruction starts with the piece “Detachment” talking about a childhood impregnated by the separation from the biological family, which implies the lack of the vital-essential link, and the loss, which causes the lack of attachment to a main caregiver, taken in childhood as a source of comfort. Consequently, when facing the construction of “Detachment”, a piece incomplete on one of its sides is made, which allows us to see the inside of it as a presentation of the emotional void, treating the situation of the adopted child, who is forced to face abandonment and integration into a new family that, later on, will generate in him a new emotional bond.



Ceramic and steel, 70 x 40 cm.


It presents adolescence from the point of view of connection and the search for one’s own identity. Formally, this piece presents the union of two halves by means of suture, as the name of the work itself indicates, thus dealing with the duality faced by the adolescent who, on the one hand, begins to understand the feeling of emptiness caused by the loss of the biological family; and on the other hand, the emergence of the desire to find the rest of the missing pieces that shape him/her as an independent individual.



Ceramic, 75 x 45 cm.


The journey towards genuine maturity and identity is at the heart of the human experience. In an individual who’s achieved a clear grasp of their past, there lie the tools to tackle conflicts once deemed insurmountable. This process of self-discovery is poignantly echoed in ‘Re-construction Adopted’. Its final piece, composed of merging distinct parts, symbolizes the consolidation of identity. Much like a rebuilt identity, it bears scars of both past and present, signifying a maturity that embraces both challenges and triumphs.

Adoptee Reconstruction exhibited in Jorge Alcolea Madrid Art Gallery, 2019


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Photographs taken by Pablo Urcelay

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