MJ, an adoptee, uses art to navigate these waters and heal.

From identity loss to finding a voice.

“For adoptees, the journey is never over.

It evolves, it twists and turns, but it never ends”.

I reunited with my birth family in Taipei, Taiwan, in January 2012, during the Lunar New Year. I can’t even begin to express what a life-changing event it was. I met my two older biological sisters, their spouses, my older brother, nieces and nephews, and our Uncle, the Patriarch of our family. I did not have the opportunity to meet my birthparents, as both had passed on years earlier. I learned that my birth father died around the same time as my adoptive mom.

Growing up, I never entertained the thought of searching for my birth family. My adoptive parents hid my adoption records, which I later found after my adoptive mom passed away. My adoption record held information that was quite contrary to what my mom had shared with me. To this day, I’m left wondering if she lied about my past. After learning the truth, I was struck with an insatiable curiosity. I set out to find answers. That led to a three-year search for my birth family.

The drawing is an imagining of my birth mother. My biological sisters gave me a picture of our mother when I went back to Taiwan, but she was much older when the photo was taken. My sisters said that I look like her when she was young. Unfortunately, they no longer had any photos of our mother when she was a younger woman. So, I’m left to my own idealized imagination and creative intuition.

Dolor, diseño creado por Artfuladoptee
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