To say goodbye is to look at myself in the mirror

4th Poetry

Julieta M. presents a work that delves into farewells, encounters and the essence of love.

A journey from the heart.

The beginning.

What most often born and dies
In an instant
One morning, the handles of possibility moved and I was born
At the beginning,
I was blurred on someones back
I lost sight of myself in eyes that didn’t look at me
Love is leaving
That’s how the person who first loved me taught me
Where there were no words, there were already secrets
I always said I didn’t like goodbyes, even though I insisted on repeating them
Maybe because saying goodbye
is to look at myself in the mirror.
It’s seeing the wound at the exact moment it opened.

The rest of my life

When someone decides to leave a void
He also unknowingly decides
To open the door
To fill it
Life is compassionate
And fills that space until it overflows
They were that and that they are
those who arrived after the beginning
For me
The glass is full,
The fireplace on,
The garment restored,
that because it’s broken and has a history
You take much better care of it
Love is also about reaching out
And stay in an eternal embrace.


– Julieta M. –

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