Reckoning with the Primal Wound

A Documentary movie

This film is about reckoning with relinquishment trauma and the cultural phenomenon that is author Nancy Verrier’s landmark book The Primal Wound.

It is the only film on this subject produced by Rebecca Autumn Sansom, adopted daughter and first mother featuring Verrier herself, psychologist Dr. David Brodzinsky and Dr. Amanda Baden.

It premiered at The Catalina Film Festival on September 22, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA.

This award-winning documentary has been deemed by child welfare workers, therapists, psychologists, and adoption professionals (including adoptees, natural mothers, and adoptive parents) the latest recommended resource for anyone interested in better understanding adopted individuals.

Post-viewing outcomes have ranged from unexpected apologies from family members and friends to healed relationships between adoptees and their adoptive and biological families. Most importantly, adoptees feel less alone. We hope that the film can influence positive legislative change in the future.

This film has been a grassroots effort, but we’re hoping to go mainstream and bring healing to as many adoptees and birth mothers as possible.

It is now available for rental through VimeOTT also with Spanish subtitles. You can request a local library copy or purchase an annual subscription for educational purposes.

Any support will go towards marketing efforts (making DVDs and translating the film nto different languages, travel expenses, and operational costs).

Photo of Ana G as a baby

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