Trauma in adoption: A day of reflection in Tucumán

Special Day at the Palace of Justice of San Miguel de Tucumán

Novemer 12th, 2022

Trauma in Adoption: A Day of Reflection

With the Palace of Justice of San Miguel de Tucumán as the setting, I had the privilege of sharing my reflections and experiences on “trauma in adoption” at the annual closing of activities organized by the Government of Tucumán. The topic, deep and personal, resonates with many of us who have walked the path of adoption.

This day, more than a simple talk, was a space of encounter and understanding. In speaking about ‘a daughter’s voice’, I tried to merge my professional experience with my personal story, to give a complete picture of the emotional and psychological challenges of adoption.

I can only thank the Tucumán Adoption Registry and all the people who collaborated in the organization of this meaningful meeting. Each attendee, with their presence and active listening, contributed to the success and warmth of the event.

I end this day enriched, grateful and with a full heart. To all those who came to listen and share, my eternal gratitude. Together, we continue to weave networks of support and understanding in the world of adoption.

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