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Dear Adoption,

It is a platform dedicated to those most affected by adoption: adoptees. Its mission is to elevate the outstanding work of adoptees globally and redefine the adoption narrative through their voices. Founded by Reshma McClintock, a transracial adoptee from Kolkata, the site seeks to educate and share the unique perspective of those who have been adopted.

I am adopted

It is a platform where adoptees fearlessly share their adoption stories. By discovering their voice, they find healing and worth. Today, it is also an invaluable resource for adoptive parents, helping them understand post-adoption challenges and strengthen their relationship with their adopted children. This platform highlights that every adoptee was born with a purpose.

Una adoptada más

It is a haven for reflections on adoption. With the inspiration of David Azcona and his blog ‘Soy Adoptado’, this space seeks to go beyond personal experiences, offering an honest look at what it means to be adopted and how it intertwines with everyday life.


This adoptee life

It is a space where the voices of adoptees resonate loudly. Through stories and reflections, this blog sheds light on the unique and often untold experiences of being adopted, connecting a community in search of understanding and support.

Contigo desde el corazón

She was born to a mother with two children: one biological and one adopted. Facing the challenges of closed adoption in Mexico, her adoptive daughter’s curiosity led this mother to explore the construction of identity in adopted youth. Through a master’s degree, she developed a workshop for adoptive parents, identifying the lack of resources in Mexico and the need to adapt global perspectives to Mexican culture.

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