La idea monolítica de la adopción

(The monolithic idea of adoption) - By Iván Gastañaga

In a world where cultural and familial roots intertwine, adoption presents an ethical and emotional crossroads that defies entrenched conventions. In his article “La Idea Monolítica de la Adopción”, Iván Gastañaga

takes us on a journey from the ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent to the modern complexities of contemporary adoption.

From the iconic Louvre Museum to the intricate legal mazes, Gastañaga highlights how adoption faces resistance from a centuries-old structure. Inspired by the ancient Code of Hammurabi, which delineated the boundaries of adoption millennia ago, the author questions the static nature of current laws.

Exploring the duality of belonging, the article challenges the notion of a singular family identity. Is it possible for adoptees to embrace both their biological and adoptive families? Gastañaga poses this provocative question, arguing that openness to dual belonging could be the key to resolving the complex emotional and legal tensions faced by many adoptees.

Through a fresh and reflective perspective, this article invites a reevaluation of our perceptions about adoption and considers new pathways toward the emotional and legal integration of those caught between multiple family worlds.

The monolithic idea of adoption


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